An easy API for Mixed, Integer and Linear Programming


UFFLP has been developed by Prof. Artur Alves Pessoa to be used in Modeling and Integer Programming courses given by Prof. Eduardo Uchoa Barboza as well as in Master’s Dissertations and Doctorate Thesis advised by both.


Production Engineering, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil



1. Installation


Download the installation package from here.


2. License


UFFLP is free for both academic and commercial use. UFFLP is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. For access to the source code, please contact both Artur Alves Pessoa and Eduardo Uchoa Barboza.


3. News


Apr 9th, 2012: The version 3.02 of UFFLP now supports 64 bit MS Office applications. Old applications that work with any vesion 3.XX are compatible requiring only that the UFFLP3 module is replaced by the new one by importing the file “UFFLP3.bas”. An exception occurs for applications that use callbacks, where any code that calls UFFLP functions must be moved to modules due to what seems to be a bug of MS Office.


Aug 22th, 2011: A short term course about UFFLP has been given in the XLIII Brazilian Symposium of Operational Research (SBPO). The course proposal and slides (in portuguese) can be found here and here, respectively.